Two SMT III demon review updates in one go! I'm enjoying writing these!

Here's Slime and co: Click back one to see the Hua Po review.

SMT III demon review number 5 is up! It's Preta and Yaka.

Have a look - I made new scoring graphics and a logo-style header. Also I tried to add some fonts similar to those used in game.

A new SMT III demon review is up!

Today's update covers Kodama and Sudama. I've also made a Labyrinth of Amala-styled background for this section of the site - pretty happy with it!

A new SMT III demon review is up!

Today's update covers Pixie, High Pixie, and Queen Mab.

I've started a new section for reviewing demon designs from SMT 3. I don't think I'll be writing them daily, but I'm aiming for more frequently than once a week. is back up after a long absence, with a new look and no CMS! We're Web 1.0 all the way!

I'm having a clearout, which includes going through old sketchbooks and seeing which few pages I still want to keep. Here are 3 I'd like to redraw, from a sketchbook from 2008.

1. Silrathus and her 3 little pets. I ballsed up her proportions but it's still a cute scene.

2. Ref for the little animals in question.

3. Persona 3 fan-art! I love the Shadow designs in that game.

I LOVE this little cat painted by pestomayosjar on Tumblr: It's a SUPERB piece of stylisation - it’s shaped like a phytoplankton or something but it’s still recognisably a cat. I love it! I had to make a little fanart of it.

Well, that didn't look as cool as it did in my head. Masking fluid is harder to paint finely than I expected, plus it doesn't play so nicely with acrylic (has a tendency to 'flay' the paper). Oh fucking well!

Here's a little preview of what I'm working on. I wanted to finish it tonight, but it's going to take a while for that black acrylic to dry, so I'll have to wait until tomorrow.

I want to paint a little something in celebration of the probe landing on the far side of the Moon. This is just the masking fluid before I apply paint, but it already looks quite like the Moon!

A little birthday gift-art for Cibex, of her crab mascot sharing a banana with a couple of leopard slugs.

View Cibex's work at - she's been an inspiration of mine for years!

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